All the infighting is undermining Milford's character

To the Editor:
I am sad that I will not be home for the holidays this year. I grew up in Milford and my family has lived here since before WWII. Some of my cousins and family members still reside there today. I am fortunate to be able to visit at least twice a year and I always enjoy the experience of being in Milford.
The purpose of this letter is to comment on the YouTube video of the Borough Council Meeting held on 12/4/17. I loved seeing John and Andrew Jorgenson remind us who we are by suggesting that, if you have a problem with a neighbor talk with them about it directly. I believe they said, “We’re at the only stop light in Milford.” It does seem to squander resources by suggesting that a resident call 911 to address loud music. Perhaps residents could call the mayor or a borough council person instead if they feel uncomfortable addressing business owners directly as in the case of the 82 year old resident. A task force made up of key community stakeholders to more clearly define and codify the noise ordinance is a great idea.
Milford is a community of made up of people with character and integrity. The values that I learned from growing up in Milford have served me well and I am confident that it is these values which have directly impacted how I conduct myself personally and Growing up in Milford I learned the values of hard work, respect, kindness, community service, civility, gratitude, collaboration and tenacity.
One of the things that I was deeply saddened by seeing at the meeting is the infighting and mistrust within the community. It is clear that Milford is a community divided. I am very concerned about the possible repercussions of the continued sentiment. The community saw a very real example of how external forces are changing Milford with the Federal intervention regarding the star and cross on the Knob. These external threats will continue to come. I would ask you all; residents, mayor and council members to find a way to have a respectful discourse about these issues and to seek win/win solutions. You are all trustees of the legacy and integrity of Milford. The town of Milford is steeped in history and tradition and part of that history is the ability of the community members to work together to balance the interests of town preservation with those of the local business economy. Milford can be preserved but the people of Milford must do it concert and collaboration with each other. All the infighting serves to undermine the social fabric that is inherent to the quality and character of the Borough.
Alexandra Phillips-Burke
Chicago, Ill./Milford native
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