Mistake at the lake

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To the Editor:

At the June 16 Walker Lake Landowners Association meeting, a request to reopen Sandy Beach to swimming was denied and would not be considered for discussion until next year, a board member agreed to resign due to improper vetting for eligibility to serve, and it was announced that the first of multiple chemical treatments to control weed growth and bacteria was implemented.

The chemical treatment effectively hinders residents from swimming in the lake due to possible side effects from contact. Unfortunately the practice of lowering the lake in the fall to naturally hinder weed growth, which was implemented in the past, was not considered this past year. I would assume the inability to swim in the lake could possibly have an impact on property values in the area, especially for the lakefront owners.

Also discussed at this meeting was the loss of revenue connected to the nonpayment of dues by an increasing number of residents. Any correlation between these last few facts may not just be coincidental. And as of June 23 the beach tags and parking passes for dues-paying members were still not available or issued.

For more information and verification visit the Walker Lake Landowners Association website and the Friends of Walker Lake Facebook page.

Happy summer.

Will Murchio


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